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Dining Table Malaysia

Dining table is of great value in every home as it brings the whole family or friends together. Think of those cozy family meals or gatherings with friends. We place our favorite treats and drinks on the spacious dining table, and after that we can even play a board game with a friendly company and enjoy time together. The dining table would add coziness to your home and give you the opportunity to spend time with maximum pleasure and enjoy the meal.

CUURA Space is the great place to order a new dining table in Malaysia. We realize that all people have different tastes and preferences, so we bring to your attention a wide collection of dining tables for your perfect meal, among which you can definitely find and add a good product to your cart. Check out our great collection right now, and choose the right table which will decorate your dining room and impress close people.

CUURA Dining Table Collection

Check out the options that our store provides. All models are collected here that can become the main decoration of your dining room, which will attract the eyes of your loved ones and create the perfect atmosphere for dinner. 

We offer you to browse and add your perfect option to the cart among:

  • Sliding dining tables. This model is versatile because you can use it as a small table but expand it to full size if necessary. This dining table can accommodate up to 10 people. This is an ideal option for those who want to save space in the house or for those who do not need to set the table for a large company every day but sometimes arrange big dinner parties or family evenings so they still need a table with a great width. The most popular sliding dining table from our collection is Drake. This model is made of solid wood and designed in a classic style, providing enough space for ten people.

  • Sintered stone dining tables. If you're thinking that a luxurious-looking table costs a fortune, then you are mistaken. CUURA Space offers you luxury models at an affordable price. In our collection, you will find sintered stone dining tables with exquisite designs. Pay special attention to the Callahan dining table. This model is not only stylish but also durable and easy to care for. Treat yourself to luxurious furniture without making a hole in the budget.

  • Glass dining tables. It's time for the most elegant and modern model from our collection, the glass dining table. We provide a choice among a variety of sizes and shapes so that this table perfectly complements your dining room and pleases you with an easy-to-clean glass surface.

  • Dining tables made of solid wood. For many of us, wood is a symbol of comfort and a home, able to share warmth with the whole family, so we suggest enjoying the warmth of a dining table made of wood. This embodiment of natural beauty in a minimalist style will last you for many years.

  • Round dining tables. If you want to choose a modern shape for the dining table, then the best option would be a round table. It is this form that has a beneficial effect on maintaining conversation during meals.

CUURA Space is the goldmine for you to order an excellent dining table. Look through the all suggested options crafted in different styles and width and add it to your cart!

Purchase Online In CUURA Space

It's always easy to order online just by adding products to your cart, but in CUURA Space, we can suggest more options. We offer such benefits as:

  1. Perfect customer service. When it comes to customer service, our store stands out above the rest. We provide affordable prices and a sale program that ensures you will always find an ideal dining table in Malaysia that fits your budget and preferences. Our prices are the most competitive on the market.

  2. Furniture installation. We also offer help with furniture installation, especially for complex pieces like huge-sized dining tables. Our detailed instructions and engineering specialist service make the process easy for you.

  3. Fair reviews. At CUURA, we value honesty and openness. We don't shy away from feedback and are always open to discussion. Our reviews section provides customers with clear opinions on everything.

CUURA is the go-to furniture store for the widest selection of dining tables, top quality products, and exceptional customer service. Don't waste your time searching for another store — browse dining tables, add to your cart and order it for your perfect dining room!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The maintenance of a marble dining table depends on the specific type of marble used. Generally, marble has great characteristics: it is prone to stain and scratching, but regular cleaning and proper care are still important to maintain its appearance.
While you choose the width of a dining table, pay attention to the size of the room, the number of people it's available to seat, and the aesthetic you want to achieve in general. It's recommended to leave at least 36 inches of space around the table for comfortable seating and movement.
The average cost of a dining table in Malaysia can depend on the following factors: material, size, brand, and design. However, a basic dining table can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand Malaysian Ringgit.
Some of the most popular and newest trends in dining tables in Malaysia follow minimalist designs, natural and organic materials like wood and rattan, and Scandinavian-inspired themes. Modular and extendable tables are also popular choices for flexibility and versatility in smaller spaces.
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