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Side Table Malaysia

A side table is a small table typically placed beside the seating area, like an armchair or a sofa. Side tables help to keep items within easy reach, for instance, a remote control and snacks while relaxing on the sofa. Moreover, they can also serve as a spot for placing table lamps to create a cozy ambiance, arranging a workspace for your laptop, or displaying a vase with flowers.

If you're seeking to add a touch of style to your living space, discover the offerings at CUURA Space Shop! We take pride in our original designs and solid, durable materials, presenting a diverse selection of side tables in Malaysia.

Side Tables for Your Home

With its compact size, a side table seamlessly integrates into limited spaces, introducing both practical functionality and a modish touch.

Despite being quite compact, a side table serves a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Improved convenience. Additional surface allows for a multitude of activities, such as dining for light snacks and drinks, positioning a reading lamp, or organizing crafting materials for hobbies.

  2. Extra space for storage. Many side tables have drawers, shelves, or other storage compartments, which enable you to gather small items in one place and keep your space organized.

  3. Showcasing your collectibles. If you happen to own works of art, aesthetic books, or mementos, a side table is the perfect place to be the stage for your cherished knick-knacks.

  4. Decorative embellishment. A nice side table with a sleek silhouette and refined design would not only complement the contemporary design of your room but also tie together the styles of different furniture pieces seamlessly.

Overall, side tables are both aesthetically pleasing and practical furniture pieces essential for elevating the ambiance and functionality of your home in Malaysia.

Side Table Collection

Even those who have 0 interest in interior decoration would admit that you can't do without a table. That's why, among CUURA Space categories, "tables" are one of the most extensive ones. As for side tables specifically, we offer an array of options that cater to various preferences and budgets.

Classic Round Tables

Thanks to their simplicity and effortless charm, classic designs don't go out of style. If you prefer minimalist furniture, these symmetrical side tables crafted with solid organic materials will add a hint of unpretentious allure to your living area.

Rustic Vibe

Rich natural textures and earthy tones of a rustic-designed side table will complement your place, infusing it with a sense of welcoming warmth. A finish that preserves a touch of antiquity helps to create a distinct atmosphere in your home, making it appear more cozy and inviting.

Intricate Designs

Whether it's a uniquely-shaped side table that consists of two or more layers or a side table with an elegant marble finish, they share a common feature: a great emphasis on sophistication. Such a side table will grant you a truly luxurious experience and become the focal point in any interior.

Side Tables with Storage Space

Many of the CUURA Space side table variations come with stylish shelves or other storage compartments. Acquiring a side table serves not only decorative purposes but also contributes to organizing space, thereby doubling its functionality.

CUURA Space Online Shop

Before purchasing a side table in Malaysia, it makes sense to explore the shop options. For instance, CUURA Space holds a multitude of sales and promotions, which allows our customers to find better deals. Additionally, if your order sum reaches RM 2000 (for Klang Valley orders) and RM 5000 (for the whole of West Malaysia), you have the right to enjoy free delivery and furniture installation.

Besides, CUURA Space boasts such benefits as:

  • plenty of furniture, accessories, and decor items made of premium materials;

  • affordable prices with the possibility of paying in installments;

  • quick delivery right to your door;

  • the convenience of the online shop platform;

  • reviews so that customers could share their experiences;

  • supportive customer service assistance.

With our diverse selection of durable yet exquisite products, there's something for everyone to do to turn their interior design dreams into reality. Wondering how to find a high-end side table in Malaysia? Browse CUURA Space categories, add the desired item to your online cart, and make an order easily and painlessly!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The final price of the side table will depend on such factors as the table's size, design, materials used, and workmanship quality. Simple side tables in Malaysia may cost as little as RM100–200, while the cost of complexly designed tables crafted from natural wood can reach RM1000–1500.
The distinction is very subtle. A side table is a bigger piece located mostly at the side of a sofa, an armchair, or other big piece of furniture. They can be independent, though. An end table is smaller and necessarily complements other furniture.
Side table styles encompass anything from classic and elegant to modern, industrial styles. CUURA Space sells inimitable furniture designs that suit any type of hall or living room.
At CUURA Space, a client has the opportunity to pay for the furniture piece gradually, which is especially helpful when it comes to larger purchases. Also, if you decide to choose an installment option, there's 0 interest rate, so you don't have to overpay for the desired item!
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