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Bar Stools, Malaysia

Do you relish sharing a few drinks with your friend, but find the constant trips to the bar tiresome and expensive? In this case, creating a drinking haven within your four walls may be a great solution. Counter stools (bar chairs) are a vital component of a home bar. They) not only provide comfortable seating but also help create a hospitable atmosphere for social gatherings or personal relaxation.

CUURA Space offers the best-quality bar stools with cozy padding and swivel features for your kitchen island or counter. Choose the suitable bar stool to complement your aesthetics and add laid-back elegance to your home!

Bar Stools and Chairs: Benefits

Why choose bar stools over ordinary shares? There are plenty of reasons, from aesthetic to practical, and the predominant ones include:

  1. Elevated seat height. High chairs complement high surfaces like tables, breakfast bars, kitchen islands, and others, whether casually dining, working on a laptop, or entertaining your guests.

  2. Space-saving. In contrast to a typical chair, a bar stool occupies less space, does not impede the view in open-plan spaces, and effectively utilizes vertical spaces in smaller studio apartments.

  3. Facilitating social interactions. Chatting and sharing opinions from the comfortable bar stools with the footrest and foot support make the overall experience enjoyable and relaxed.

  4. Versatility. Bar chairs have diverse uses, not limited to counter stools. They may serve as temporary quick meal seating or extra seating during social gatherings.

  5. Style improvement. Diversifying the setup, a bar stool set creates visual intrigue by contrasting traditional seating options. Their distinct appearance can add richness to the room's aesthetic.

To enhance your dining space or entertainment area with fresh additions, explore the diverse range of unique yet functional bar stools at CUURA Space, Malaysia!

Bar Stool Stock

CUURA Space store in Malaysia presents a bar stool collection with authentic bar chairs for any taste. Choose the suitable style, material, or seat height without exceeding your budget!

Designer Bar Stools to Elevate Space

A vintage-vibe bar stool crafted with solid wood and genuine leather or a sleek, modern design with a simple silhouette? At CUURA Space, we introduce products that can add chic and sophistication to any home interior, ensuring that you find your perfect match.

Bar Stool Wooden Charm

Do you find yourself drawn to rustic and classic aesthetics? If so, you'll like our minimalistic solid wood stools. They highlight naturalism and bring about a cozy and lax atmosphere.

Exceptional Comfort

Softly padded seats, mildly curved back support, stable metal legs, or other features contribute to comfortable long-term seats. Whether it's a home bar counter or a kitchen island, we ensure each bar stool provides proper posture support and ultimate comfort.

Add a Touch of Nature with Rattan Chairs

Wishing to add a flavor of tropical idyll to your indoor spaces? Our exquisitely designed rattan bar stools bring visual intricacy and artistry to the furniture pieces, eliciting a comfy, organic ambiance within the area.

CUURA Space: Online Store in Malaysia

CUURA Space is a furniture shop in Malaysia that boasts a large stock of versatile furniture, decor elements, and accessories.

If you're looking to enhance your living space, there are several reasons to consider us, including:

  • our product quality: we sell designer furniture that excels in craftsmanship;

  • durable and organic materials: we prefer to make pieces that last;

  • stock diversity: we cater to different tastes, style preferences, and budgets;

  • prompt delivery: a few weeks, and the piece is at your doorstep;

  • plenty of payment methods: we care for your convenience.

Discover the unrivaled convenience of CUURA Space by adding an item to your cart! New to our online shop? Sign up at CUURA Space and enjoy our nice gift—a first-time buyer discount!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Regarding placement, remember that high stools should complement high tables, kitchen islands, or bars so that they are of a more or less common level. You can combine different styles and materials to add an exciting touch to the decor.
The seat height should align with the height of your bar or counter. So, to learn the specific product's seat height, it's advisable to check out the item's specifications before putting it in your cart. The specifications state not only the height but also the width and depth of the stool if you need to figure out if it fits in the narrow space.
Plenty of factors affect the price, starting with the artistry quality and materials used and ending with the particular design and brand. Consequently, the regular price for prime-quality stools can range from RM500 to RM1500, depending on the specific sample.
You may hope for a special price since CUURA Space holds frequent promotions for different items in its extensive collection. However, if you're waiting too long for a specific item, you can choose another option: pay in installments. Pay RM50–100 monthly with a zero interest rate, and enjoy your bar stool now!
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