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Chaise Lounge & Day Bed

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Chaise Lounge & Day Bed, Malaysia

In the world of furniture, there are very rare items, you will not find them in every home and store, but in parallel with this, we can consider them as a concentration of style, comfort and functionality. Today we will tell you about such a piece of furniture, namely, about the chaise lounge/daybed.

CUURA Space is one of the few stores in Malaysia where you can purchase day beds at a pleasant price and with the best quality of service at every stage of shopping, from adding an order to a cart to receiving it.

Chaise Lounge & Day Beds: Functionality and Comfort

The townsfolk know little about how useful a daybed is in everyday life. Most people think that it can only serve as a place to relax, but this is only a superficial idea.

For reading books

Reading books in a supine position is harmful, and in a sitting position it is extremely difficult, especially for several hours. What should we do in such a situation? It's right to pick a daybed, as it creates the conditions for the correct location of the body and relieves the load from the back, and the soft upholstery will immerse you in the world of literature so much that you will not be able to tear yourself away.

For home office

Working remotely is becoming more and more popular, and short breaks are an important part of this process. When it comes to ensuring a comfortable rest during the working day, a daybed becomes indispensable because lying down on it, you completely relax and reboot.

For guests

Every homeowner strives to provide comfort for guests. In addition, we all want to surprise our visitors, and if each person is used to a sofa or an upholstered chair, then a daybed is an exception. We can guarantee that your guest will not want to leave your home if he or she will lie down on the daybed at least once.

As you can see, this piece of furniture is an integral part of any space and if our description interests you in purchasing a daybed, then the doors of the CUURA store are open for you 24 hours a day!

CUURA's Daybeds Unique Benefits

We found out that a daybed adds comfort to everyday life, but given the variability in configurations and style, the question arises, how to choose the right model?

It is enough to pay attention to these three characteristics:

Daybed durability

It is very crucial for the daybed to be of high quality and durability because one incorrectly inserted screw or a curved board can spoil all the impressions. In our store, each model is made of top-quality materials, which means it will serve you for many years.

Daybed color

It is extremely important that the new daybed fits into the overall interior and becomes the missing puzzle in the overall interior picture. The main role in this task is played by color, and, fortunately, you will find the most diverse color schemes here.

Daybed shape

Daybeds have different configurations, with and without handles, with a backrest at the feet and head, or without a backrest at all. The choice of the form depends on your needs, and regardless of them, we have everything you are looking for.

If you compare daybeds at CUURA Space and in other stores, you will quickly find out that only we always have models in a wide variety of configurations and colors, crafted from premium quality materials.

Unforgettable Shopping With CUURA Space

Every customer wants to touch the best shopping service, but not every store can provide it. From the very first days of opening, CUURA has adhered to the principle of creating the best conditions for all customers.

This trend is expressed in the following:

  • Making purchases in our store is easy, thanks to the intuitive website interface.

  • To simplify the search, buyers can always use the filtering system.

  • We attach a detailed description to each model, which includes everything from the dimensions to the review of the materials of the crafted daybed.

  • You can order a daybed to any point on the map of Malaysia, and we will deliver it.

  • If you have a hitch, whether it's a problem with payment or creating a personal account, our technical support will always come to the rescue ASAP.

Buying a daybed is about improving the quality of life and bringing comfort and coziness to it. Buying a daybed at the CUURA store is all of the above with the addition of benefits, top-end service, and fast delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

This is a very easy question, because a daybed is a multifunctional item that you can use to relax, read a book, meditate, or watch favorite movies in complete comfort.
The main privilege that our customers receive is a guarantee of the structure's reliability, which, thanks to the best materials, will have a long service life. Moreover, we offer the best prices and colors on the models.
In our store, the average price for a daybed is RM 3450, and this is the best offer in the price-quality ratio. However, we are ready to offer models for any budget size.
Now it is as simple as buying a plane ticket. The CUURA online store works without interruptions, you can always open it, explore the options, pick the most preferred one and purchase, and we take care of everything else.
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