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Stools, Malaysia

A stool, along with a table or a kitchen chest of drawers, is a basic component of the house interior. However, each homeowner should approach their choice with increased responsibility. At this point, 9 out of 10 people may ask us, why is it so necessary? We will answer because incorrectly selected stools can spoil the overall visual component and lower the degree of comfort.

Today, we will tell you about the CUURA Space shop, which offers the most interesting and creative selection of stools in Malaysia. Here, you will find chairs for any home needs, models of the most unusual styles, and all this at an affordable price!

Stool Categories at CUURA Space Shop

What is a stool? Four legs, a seat, and nothing else. Nevertheless, you have no idea how wide the list of all possible styles of chairs is, and now we will tell you about the top ones.

  1. Bar stool

The classic model is a bar stool with a high seat height, which you can find in any cafe, restaurant, or club. Eternally stylish and elegant are the two main adjectives that describe a bar stool. It will fit into any interior, and guests will definitely like it.

  1. Bar stool with backrest and arms

Each basic model has a modification, and the bar stool is no exception. The second place in our review is occupied by the bar stool with backrest and arms, which has increased comfort, medium seat height, and steadiness. If you are going to have a business-style party, then this is 100% your option.

  1. Counter stools bar

In contrast to the bar stool, this option is filled with unusual notes in the spirit of an exhibition of contemporary art. Such chairs have a non-standard wavy shape of the seat, an average seat height, and in some cases a transverse bar between the legs for greater convenience.

  1. Upholstered cylinder stool

Among all the options, this model is least associated with chairs, as it looks more like an ottoman. The soft upholstery, the absence of legs, which are replaced by a cylindrical frame and a small seat height make it unique, because such a model can serve as a stand for clothes in the bedroom, a coffee table in the dining room or an ordinary stool in the kitchen.

You can find even more models at the CUURA Space store. To check them out, go to our website and choose the right model for your home interior!

CUURA's Stools Benefits & Quality

We hope that we have managed to surprise you with a variety of chair styles. However, you are not yet aware of the other characteristics.

Let's figure it out together:

Stools material

Our stools guarantee durability, as each model is made of the best wood or stainless metal. As is usually the case, high-quality materials provide not only serviceability but also a top-end visual component.

Stools color range

Each homeowner adheres to their own views on style, e.g., modern, Gothic, or eclectic. However, regardless of your preferences, we always have something that you will like, from cozy pastel tones to the ageless classics of a combination of black and white.

Stools price diapason

People are always looking for products at pleasant prices and do not like to overpay. We take this into account, so only here you will find stools made of the best materials at an affordable price from RM 300 to RM 1000.

CUURA Space: Exceptional Shopping Experience

You can pick cool and stylish stools, however, technical failures on the store's website or a long wait for delivery can ruin your shopping. This is definitely not a CUURA store customer scenario.

We offer you exceptional service at every stage of your purchase:

  • Here, you will find the largest selection of stools in Malaysia, and all models are in stock.

  • Before adding a model to the cart, we recommend using a filter system for a more efficient search.

  • You can also check the availability of discounts and sales that are always waiting for you.

  • We deliver furniture throughout Malaysia in a short time and with a guarantee of no defects during transportation.

  • In case of any, even the smallest problems, our technical team is ready to help.

Make the interior of your home unique and unrepeatable with the CUURA Space store! Come to us, choose stylish stools for your taste, needs, and budget, and we will provide a unique shopping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

By far, the most win-win option is the bar stool; however, we also recommend taking a closer look at its modification with backrest and arms, as well as at the counter and enhanced cylinder stool, which is not inferior in style and uniqueness.
In our store, all models have an affordable price for each customer. In particular, the cheapest models have a price tag of RM 300, however, there are configurations for both RM 500 and RM 1000 and above.
As soon as you open our website, you will immediately see a large selection of stools, and this is the main uniqueness. Nevertheless, the top quality of each model and unusual colors will only enhance this effect.
Yes, as we offer the triple convenience of shopping, which lies in the ease of use of the platform, fast delivery and pleasant prices. Also, do not forget about the responsive support team and constant discounts.
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