15 Ong-Filled CNY Decoration Ideas in Malaysia (2024)

15 Ong-Filled CNY Decoration Ideas in Malaysia (2024)

As the Chinese New Year nears, Malaysia is alive with excitement and festive spirit, marking a time for transforming homes. 

To help you capture this vibrant energy in 2024, which is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, we've compiled a list of 15 ong-filled (prosperity and luck-bringing) decoration ideas.

When should you start decorating your home for Chinese New Year?

It's advisable to begin decorating for Chinese New Year in Malaysia around 2 to 3 weeks prior to the festival, providing enough time for comprehensive preparation of Chinese New Year decorations and guaranteeing that your home is festively ready.

Get Huat-Ready: 2024's Hottest Decor Ideas for Chinese New Year in Malaysia

CNY Decor Ideas for Entrance:

1. Prosperity Lanterns

Red Chinese lanterns

Photo by goc on istock 

Lanterns are not just decorations; they're symbols of good fortune and joy. Hanging red lanterns at your entrance is one of the classic Chinese New Year decorations ideas that instantly uplifts the mood.

For a versatile touch, you may consider alternative lighting options alongside these traditional decorations, allowing for a seamless transition from festive to everyday ambiance.

2. Welcome Couplets

Woman putting Chinese couplets

Photo by gahsoon on istock 

These are a pair of poetic lines adorning the sides of your door. They bring blessings and good wishes, setting the tone for a prosperous year. 

Displaying them not only enhances the festive atmosphere but also serves as a cultural reminder of the rich traditions and hopes that come with the Chinese New Year.

3. Pineapple Welcome MatBrown pineapple mat for CNY

Photo Lucy Rose  by on Google 

Pineapple designs in CNY decoration symbolise wealth and luck, offering a unique twist. At your doorstep, a pineapple welcome mat can invite abundance into your home. 

Additionally, using a rug that complements Chinese designs enhances the festive decor, merging tradition with modern style.

CNY Decor Ideas for Living Room:

4. Red Cushion Overhaul

Red square sofa cushion with grey floral and Chinese symbol pattern, in velvet cotton and chenille.

Luxie Square Sofa Cushion 

Swapping your usual pillows for red sofa cushions infuses happiness into your living room. To enhance this effect, complement the look with red throw blankets, which add both relevance and warmth. 

This combination makes a significant impact, instantly transforming the space with a festive and cosy touch.

5. Zodiac Centrepiece

Red ceramic dragon figurine with storage space.

Drago Home Decoration in Red

Each year is represented by a zodiac animal, and in 2024, it's the Year of the Dragon. Incorporating a centrepiece that represents this powerful and fortunate zodiac sign adds a personalised touch to your décor. 

This not only celebrates the specific year but also creates a unique focal point that sparks conversation and interest among your guests.

6. Paper Cut-Outs

Red Chinese paper cut-outs

Photo by Freer law on istock 

These intricate designs are not just beautiful; they symbolise wishes for prosperity and are a key aspect of Chinese New Year house decoration. 

Their presence in your home not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also brings cultural significance and traditional charm to your festive celebrations.

CNY Decor Ideas for Bedroom:

7. Silk Bedding Set

Bed with red sill bed sheet and pillow covers

Photo by Her Shop on Google 

Opt for a silk bedding set in red, including a matching silk cover for your mattress, to combine luxury with the auspiciousness of the colour red. 

This selection enhances the appearance of your bedroom and aligns with the traditional cultural importance of red in Chinese traditions. That's why choosing a bed frame that complements any cover is also essential for maintaining a cohesive and elegant bedroom decor. 

To further complement this setup, consider incorporating red and gold Chinese sofa cushions, which are best paired with the silk bedding for a harmonious and culturally rich ambiance.

8. Bamboo Charms

Small Chinese bamboo for display

Photo by wingedwolf on istock 

Bamboo signifies resilience and growth. Placing these charms in your bedroom invites strength and prosperity.

To enhance this effect, consider surrounding them with artificial plants, which not only add a touch of greenery and vitality but also offer the flexibility to be used in future festivals.

9. Red Lantern Night Light

Red small Chinese lantern

Photo by 270770 on istock 

A red lantern night light in your bedroom isn't just for aesthetics; it’s a symbol of light and guidance in your dreams. 

Alternatively, you can use a table lamp and wrap it with red paper or cellophane, creating a similar effect to a traditional red lantern, and infusing your space with its symbolic light and warmth.

CNY Decor Ideas for Dining Room:

10. Gold Coin Garland

Gold coin lantern with Chinese zodiac animals

Photo by Stas-Bejsov on istock 

This is one of the Chinese New Year decorations 2024 that symbolises wealth and abundance. Drape them around your dining room for a festive feel. 

You can also wrap them around your dining chairs, adding an extra touch of festivity and prosperity to where your family and guests will gather for celebratory meals.

11. Floral Table Decor

Chinese New Year flower decoration with red artificial blooms on iron branches in a black ceramic vase with traditional Chinese openwork design

Blossom Home Decoration 

Flowers signify renewal and growth. Including floral elements in your dining room decor brings a sense of freshness and new beginnings. 

To complement the floral elements in your dining room, consider adding artificial plants around the corner or beside the table. These green additions enhance the natural ambiance and contribute to a balanced, vibrant aesthetic.

12. Red Tablecloth

Red table cloth for CNY

Photo by FauxCaster on istock 

A red tablecloth for your dining table is not just about the vibrant colour; it’s about ushering in luck and happiness during meal times, adding a festive touch to your dining area.

CNY Decor Ideas for Kitchen:

13. Festive Cookie Jars

Chinese cookie jar

Photo by Scarlette Coeur on istock 

Filled with traditional treats, these jars are a nod to the continuity of heritage and are perfect for those looking for simple Chinese New Year decoration ideas.

14. Lucky Fridge Magnets

Chinese ref magnets

Photo by Temu on Google 

Adorn your fridge with magnets that are emblems of fortune and prosperity, blending functionality with festive cheer.

15. Tea Set Display

Chinese tea set display

Photo by Thai Liang Lim on istock 

Displaying a tea set is more than just decoration; it’s about honouring the tea culture that represents harmony and respect. 

Consider placing the tea set on a coffee table or side table in your living area, where it can be both a focal point of your decor and a functional part of your festive gatherings.


1. What Colours Are Good Feng Shui?

Red, gold, and green are considered auspicious colours in Feng Shui. Incorporating these into your Chinese New Year decoration ideas for the office or home can enhance the positive energy.

2. What Colour Is Bad Luck for Chinese New Year?

Traditionally, white and black are avoided during Chinese New Year as they are associated with mourning.

Final Thoughts: Tradition Meets Prosperity

Decorating for Chinese New Year is a delightful tradition that brings together family and friends. Whether you're looking for Chinese New Year decorations or exploring your options, these ideas offer a blend of tradition and contemporary style.

Remember, it's not just about the aesthetics; each decoration carries a meaning and a wish for the coming year. So, as you drape your home in reds and golds, know that you're not just decorating; you're inviting prosperity, health, and happiness into your life.

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