45 Scandinavian Living Room Ideas for a Serene Nordic Space

45 Scandinavian Living Room Ideas for a Serene Nordic Space

Welcome to the world of Scandinavian living, where simplicity and functionality blend to create a peaceful and orderly home. If you're on the hunt for living room ideas that capture the serene and minimalist beauty of Scandinavian design, you've found the right spot. 

We have 45 inspiring ideas to transform your living space into a cosy haven with a captivating Nordic ambiance.

Nordic vs Scandinavian: Understanding the Design Differences

Before diving into the design ideas, let's clear up a common confusion: the difference between Nordic and Scandinavian design. Although used interchangeably, there's a subtle difference. 

Scandinavian design refers specifically to the design movement that originated from countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It's characterised by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. 

Nordic style, however, encompasses a broader region including Finland and Iceland, and while it shares many principles with Scandinavian design, it sometimes includes more eclectic and varied influences.

45 Scandi Style Inspirations for Your Living Room

1. Soft Pastel & Neutral Tone Sofas

Grey linen 3-seater sofa with a mid-century design, featuring track arms and side hanging storage, crafted from ash-wood and pinewood materials.

Arnie 3 Seater Sofa 

Grey fabric 3-seater sofa with solid wood legs.

Dorsia 3 Seater Sofa 

A white pull-out sofa bed made of cotton and linen, treated with wood wax oil, featuring high-density sponge and latex for comfort.

Oakley Sofa Bed 

Begin your journey to craft a Scandinavian-inspired living room by incorporating soft pastel and neutral-toned Scandinavian sofas, including shades like soft pink, light grey, and muted blue. 

You have the flexibility to use either a 1-seater sofa, a loveseat, or even an L-shaped or sectional sofa - just mix and match to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your Scandinavian living space, all while infusing it with a touch of individuality.

2. Sleek Functional Coffee Tables

modern scandinavian living room coffee table

Bridget Coffee Table


scandinavian living room furniture coffee table 

Cassidy Coffee Table


scandinavian living room set

Photo by CreativaStudio on istock 

A functional coffee table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a statement of Scandinavian interior design living room philosophy where beauty is found in functionality. 

Consider a white coffee table as the best choice, as it effortlessly complements any decor, interior design, or colour scheme.

3. Understated Clean Lighting Fixtures

warm scandinavian living room

Dino Lamp


Scandi style floor lamp

Luka Lamp


Floor lamp scandinavian living room ideas

Erika Floor Lamp  

Brighten your space with subtle and clean lighting fixtures. In Scandinavian living room interior, lighting is intentionally kept clutter-free and designed to mimic natural light.

To enhance the interior, consider using floor lamps with sleek stands in colours like black, brown, or white, as they seamlessly complement the overall aesthetic.

4. Warm Monochrome and Neutral Rugs

Scandinavian living room rug

Ilse Large Rug


Scandinavian living room rug ideas

Anika Extra Large Rug  


White scandinavian design rug

Orin Large Rug 

Add warm monochrome rugs and textiles to bring texture and warmth into your modern Scandinavian living room without overpowering the space. Choosing a rug is essential for achieving the desired ambiance.

5. Minimalist Decor and Wall Art

scandinavian design painting

Photo by FollowTheFlow on istock 


nordic style painting

Photo by FollowTheFlow on istock 


Portrait painting with earthly-hued tones, featuring bold beige, brown, and black hues on inkjet-printed oil canvas, framed with Polystryene.

Brock Painting

Decorate your walls with minimalist decor and art, as paintings can be a great choice. Scandinavian living room walls typically embrace simplicity, prioritising quality and understated elegance. 

Choose a design that will complement this aesthetic while adding a touch of personality to your space.

6. Serene Scandinavian Wall Colors

scandinavian living room set

Artemis 3-Seater Sofa  


best color for Scandinavian walls

Azmy Dining Table  


Scandinavian living room walls

Photo by onurdongel on istock 

Choose serene wall colours that reflect the light and create an open, airy feel. Scandinavian living room colours typically include whites, greys, and blues, ensuring that your walls harmonise seamlessly with your Scandinavian furniture for a cohesive and inviting interior.

7. Lush Greenery and Wooden Elements

Artificial silk and plastic plant in a black vase for home decoration.

Ava Artificial Plant


Artificial plant in a glass vase: Plants aren’t accessories, they’re family.

Franco Artificial Plant


Plastic artificial plant in a black pot.

Karina Artificial Plant  

Bring the outside in with lush greenery and wooden elements, paying homage to the natural world integral to a rustic Scandinavian living room. 

Explore indoor plants decoration ideas, like elegant potted herbs or leafy ferns, to infuse life into your space, or opt for artificial plants if you prefer the ease they provide. 

These touches of greenery, whether real or faux, add depth and a sense of tranquillity to the room, enhancing the rustic yet modern vibe.

8. Streamlined Clutter-Free Storage

Scandinavian living room interior

Ferb High Cabinet


warm scandinavian living room 

Sheva High Cabinet in Grey 


scandinavian design living room

Delia Chest of 5-Drawer 

Incorporate streamlined, clutter-free storage and organisation solutions to keep your Scandinavian living room set looking spacious and serene. Consider minimalist console tables, cabinets, bookshelves, or racks as part of your storage options to maintain the clean and tidy aesthetic of the space.

9. Wooden Accent Chairs

Wooden accent chair for scandinavian living room

Dursley Accent Chair


scandinavian living room wooden accent chair

Sandy Accent Chair 


 scandinavian living room with wooden accent chair

Ignatz Accent Chair 

Add one or two wooden accent chairs to infuse an additional touch of Scandinavian design into your space without sacrificing comfort or style. 

Feel free to combine them with your sofa for a creative and personalised seating arrangement, exploring various mix and match sofa ideas.

10. Compact Light-Colored Ottomans

Teddy fleece ottoman or footrest

Cirq Ottoman in White


Teddy fleece ottoman or footrest for scnadinavian living room

Halo Ottoman in White


Jute weave ottoman with leatherette and linen

Mushroom Small Ottoman in Beige (Linen)

Opt for compact, light-coloured ottomans, and pair them with stools or a sofa that not only adds functionality but also provides a visual break in your living room, or even in your Scandinavian bedroom.

11. Practical Subdued Side Tables

side table for scandinavian living room

Barrett Side Table


scandinavian living room side table

Lucinda Side Table


scandinavian living room with side table

Hojo Side Table   

Side tables in understated colours and practical designs are indispensable in a Scandi style living room, providing both convenience and contributing to a harmonious appearance. 

You can even adorn them with artificial plants to add a touch of greenery and elevate the aesthetic.

12. Cozy Light-Colored Sofa Cushions

Square sofa cushion with soft knitted chenille fabric and tasselled corners

Angie Sofa Cushion in Light Grey 


Sofa cushion with synthetic fur cover and velvet high-elastic cotton filling

Binka Sofa Cushion in White


Flower-shaped teddy fleece cushion

Bloom Sofa Cushion in Grey

Arrange a stack of cosy throw pillows in light colours on your sofa to elevate both comfort and aesthetics. 

Select shades like pink, light blue, or grey for the most appealing results, as they effortlessly infuse a sense of tranquillity and sophistication into your living space.

13. Plush Neutral Throw Blankets

modern scandinavian living room

Photo by Artjafara on istock 


Faux cashmere throw with wave pattern and tassels

Coze Throw Blanket in Beige


Toca long fur synthetic fabric throw

Cushy Throw Blanket in White

Enhance your cosiness by draping plush, neutral throw blankets over your seating for an instant uplift during those long, Nordic nights. 

To complete the perfect pairing, select throw pillows with the right textures and colours that harmonise seamlessly with your Scandinavian-inspired living space, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

14. Sheer Light-Filtering Curtains

scandinavian design living room

Photo by FollowTheFlow on istock


White fabric 3-seater sofa with gold steel legs, showcasing a firm-looking design.

Mira 3-Seater Sofa


Beige fabric 3-seater sofa with solid-wood legs and armrest.

Theodore 3-Seater Sofa  

Select sheer, light-filtering curtains to ensure privacy while allowing the soft, diffused light that is much loved to fill your space. 

To enhance the overall aesthetic, consider matching the curtains with your sofa for a coordinated look that ties your Scandinavian living room together.

15. Faux Fur Accents & Textures

scandinavian living room ideas

Photo by Helin Loik-Tomson on istock


scandinavian living room faux fur ideas

Photo by Iuliia Petrovskaia on istock


scandinavian living room faux fur on chair

Photo by krblokhin on istock

Complete the look with faux fur accents and textures to add a touch of luxury and warmth, transforming your warm Scandinavian living room into an inviting and stylish haven. 

These accents can be placed above your furniture like chairs and stools or tables and also complement other pieces of home decoration, creating a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere throughout your space.


1. Why is it called Scandinavian?

The term Scandinavian refers to an ethno-cultural and linguistic region in Northern Europe associated with the Scandinavian Peninsula. It's the origin of the design style we're discussing, which is known for its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

2. What colours are used in Scandinavian design?

Typical Scandinavian living room colours include a calming and neutral palette of whites, greys, blacks, and browns, with occasional pops of colours like soft blues, pinks, and greens.

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